New Fresh Diamond seeds by Beta Seeds

New Fresh Diamond feminized seeds by Beta Seeds are the mayor new in Sant Yerbasi grow shop’s catalogue. Fresh Diamond has been recently presented to HTC Cup Valencia 2012 resulting winner in outdoor category. This award make her a trusted champion choose for your seed selection.

Fresh Diamond is a cannabis indica strain with quick flowering, recomended for those growers who look for best quality in less time. The genetic presented on this cross makes reference to a Yumbolt, one of the best strains in cannabis world. From Beta Seeds have been working to keep taste and flavour improving yield.

As it is said on its catalogue, Fresh Diamond has a columnar morfology (with a large internodal distance). If we want to get maximum production from this plant should practice apical pruning (cutting the main top) in growth, to promote lateral branches growth. This done, Fresh Diamond is a variety that needs less attention. Note that consumes very low doses of nutrients making it very suitable for poor soils and for growers with little experience.
Indoors is a variety very quick (50-55 days of flowering) done in 9 weeks from the move to 12 hours is ready to harvest. Its buds are very dense and very large calyx-shaped nuggets decorated by large amounts of resin.

Outdoors is a large size plant. If planted in soil, can reach 3 meters in height without problems. Its long narrow leaves from his lineage sativa allow the passage of light to lower branches winning production. Cleaning the low branches is no needed.

Fresh Diamond is one of the best seeds for medicinal use because of the quality of its resin. This resin is produced through the plant: stems, leaves and especially in the dense buds. Highly regarded by experienced resin smokers, dry or water extraction fans.

* After several tests with this genetic recommend the use of organic fertilizers in the cultivation of Fresh Diamond. As it is a variety which does not like high doses of fertilizers, we can ensure the quality and yield will be greater if we use only organic fertilizers. For those who want to keep their range of mineral fertilizers and either recommend the use of very low concentrations of fertilizer and not using resin enhancers stimulators that may block the plant.

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